June 2021
In Spain, the team that leads lost and found at Barajas Airport in Madrid displays on a daily basis that they adhere to I-SEC’s core principles under challenging circumstances, by being kind, efficient, and professional throughout.

We recently received a letter from a passenger praising our employee's.

"To whom it may concern,

I want to let you know about my experiences with I-SEC Objetos Perdidos Terminal 4 and your employee, XXXX.

I left my backpack at security early Saturday morning as I was rushing to get my plane. This was a very stressful situation for me: my laptop was in the bag, and also my reading glasses. I called the Lost and Found Office after the plane landed. I do not speak Spanish very well at all, but Ms. XXXX was very patient.

After determining that they had my bag in the office, I tried to arrange a courier service to pick it up. Ms. XXXX promptly responded to the many emails I sent, asking her about how I should arrange for a shipping company to pick it up & what information they needed, etc.

It made me feel much better to be working with someone who was very efficient, very professional, and very patient and kind. I got my bag back quickly and was able to be calm knowing that she was helping me and that everything would work out ok.

I would like to extend my highest commendations to the service and courtesy offered by XXXX and the Objetos Perdidos office. The Airport is very fortunate to have her as a member of the staff, and so are the many travelers who pass through its doors every day."

We could not be more proud of our employees.