Aviation Security and High-end Guarding
  • I-SEC

    Aviation Security and High-end Guarding
  • I-SEC

    Aviation Security and High-end Guarding
  • I-SEC

    Aviation Security and High-end Guarding

Airport Security

With more than 3 decades worldwide experience in aviation security, I-SEC is your first line of defence when it comes to screening passengers, hand luggage, hold luggage, cargo and security...

Handling Services

This provides a cost-effective alternative to place your own staff for ground handling tasks. Our highly skilled team of agent is trained to keep your flight operations running smoothly and ensure...

High Risk Flights

Flights to and from numerous regions, or by certain carriers, require special security measures beyond those provided by airports. As a result, you need an experienced security expert familiar with...

Cargo Security

Monetary losses from theft, accompanied by sneaking and replacing goods by criminal and terrorist groups, makes the cargo a highly vulnerable sector. Therefore, narrowing our focus on the...

General Guarding

I-SEC also provides general security services, varying from shop surveillance, closing rounds and CCTV surveillance to access control and receptionist or hospitality services and anything in between.

Training Services

Training your staff is a pivotal practice, that ensures compliant and qualified personnel. Human beings who will display the highest performance from the crack of dawn till the late night hours....

Advisory Services

I-SEC offers a wide range of tailor made services and consultation for airports, airlines, SME and LE. Whether enhancing your current security system or building a new security system from the...


I-SEC supplies state-of-the-art technological solutions which ensure that your staff can perform on a professional, efficient and effective manner. Learn more about our technology solutions. I-SEC...



Specialized in Airport Security Services

The I-SEC Group specializes in the provision of aviation security services worldwide and is headquartered in Amsterdam (NL). In addition to the employment of aviation security assistants, I-SEC offers security technology as well as standardized and tailor-made training for security personnel and management. I-SEC currently has over 5,000 employees at 16 international airports in Europe and Asia.