Madrid (Spain), April 21, 2023 - Iberia Express awarded a contract to I-SEC. Since March, experienced security professionals verify passenger travel documentation on selected flights outside the EU, using best practices in document verification and rigorous risk management processes.

Global experience
Iberia Express is part of the International Airlines Group (IAG), headquartered in Madrid and operates short- and medium-haul routes. With a fleet of 23 aircraft, Iberia Express flies to more than 40 national and international destinations. The contract marks a milestone for I-SEC as it is the company's first contract with IAG. “I am delighted to share our knowledge and commitment to working closely with Iberia Express to meet their specific needs.” - Ignacio Garcia, Global Airline Coordinator at I-SEC

As the aviation industry continues to grow and evolve, I-SEC is well positioned to meet the needs of its clients in today's rapidly changing security environment. And the partnership with Iberia Express is a testament to I-SEC's commitment to excellence and ability to deliver innovative solutions that ensure the safety and security of passengers and crew. It highlights I-SEC's position as a trusted provider of security and risk management services. I-SEC already offers its services to other leading airlines, such as El Al, Aerolíneas Argentinas, Etihad, American Airlines, and United Airlines.

"We look forward to utilizing our expertise to enhance the travel experience for Iberia Express passengers. We remain committed to providing innovative solutions and exceptional service to our clients in the aviation industry." - Monica Hidalgo, Sales Manager Airlines Spain at I-SEC

Amsterdam, 20 March 2023 - I-SEC wins LOT 1 Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) from Delta Airlines at Schiphol Airport and expands the many years of partnership. From December 2022, the security guards will screen passengers at the gate before boarding.

Delta Airlines
Delta Air Lines, is one of the major airlines of the United States and a legacy carrier and a leader in domestic and international travel, offering flights to over 300 destinations in 60 countries. 

“I-SEC is now for years one of the security partners of Delta. It is great to see that our services make a difference and our partnership continues to grow.” - Rawin Jharap, Managing Director in The Netherlands.

Frankfurt (Germany), 28 February 2023 - Frankfurt Airport launched the 'Neue Welt Frankfurt (New World Frankfurt)' for aviation security in early 2023.

In the ‘New World’, airport operator Fraport AG commissions and controls the security service providers which will carry out the passenger and luggage checks at the airport. I-SEC is one of the three security partners in this new world - all of which have expressed their commitment to ensure the necessary resources by recruiting and training new employees in order to promote the airport development.

A strong partnership and reliable cooperation between the airport and the service providers form the basis to provide guests from all over the world with the best experience in the airport travel chain. “I-SEC has been responsible for passenger screening at Frankfurt Airport for many years. We are excited about this new way of working, together we create more impact in providing the best security experience for passengers.“ Oliver Damer, Managing Director of I-SEC Germany.

Petten (The Netherlands), 21 February 2023 - I-SEC has been selected as the security service provider for the NRG Energy & Health Campus. In April 2023, approximately 55 guards will take care of the security in the Pettemer dunes.

NRG plays an important role in studying, developing and making nuclear medicines. NRG operates the High Flux Reactor (HFR), owned by the European Union, and is the world market leader in the supply of isotopes, the basic ingredient of nuclear medicine. There are six reactors worldwide that produce isotopes. The reactor in Petten is responsible for supplying 35% of all isotopes worldwide and no less than 65% in Europe. This makes the reactor the largest producer and supplier of isotopes in the world.

Security Services
The security team will provide security services including surveillance Reactor, hostesses (reception), switchboard and on-call services.

“Since January 2021, we are providing the security services for the adjacent Joint Research Center (JRC). It is a great opportunity that we can share our experiences with NRG. It benefits our ambition to grow further within the High-Risk Security segment.” - Rawin Jharap, Managing Director in The Netherlands

Teruel (Spain), 25 January 2023 - I-SEC is a new security service partner for Teruel International Airport and will be responsible for the security of the airport complex.

Teruel airport
Teruel International Airport is an industrial-aerospace hub, located at the European aerospace industry, and is recognized as Teruel's aeronautical platform, PLATA. The airport serves as a maintenance and storage facility for aircrafts. With 550 hectares, it is the largest MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operations) platform in Europe. There is room for at least 250 long-term parking spaces for aircraft.

The modern airport has a flexible infrastructure that offers the possibility to expand into passenger traffic and air cargo in the future. “We are happy to be able to share our knowledge and expertise. Together with the airport, we create a safe environment for visitors and employees.” Hugo Cea, Manager Director Spain at I-SEC.

Madrid, 20 December 2022 – I-SEC becomes one of five security service providers for Metro de Madrid. The four-year contract includes surveillance from station entrances to the track, security in the stations, adjacent buildings and on trains.

The contract will run for four years, starting in November, with the option of a one-year extension. Our security guards will cover 44 stations in metro lines 3 and 4, and line ML1 of the Madrid Light Metro.

Metro de Madrid
Metro de Madrid is the most extensive metro network in Spain and the third in Europe. The Madrid Light Metro is a light rail network that connects several cities in the metropolitan area of ​​the Community of Madrid with the city of Madrid.

Security services
Our security guards will patrol from the entrance of the station to the track, including in restricted access areas. Surveillance will take place both on the platform and on the metro.

"We are delighted to be able to provide our security services to Metro de Madrid to ensure a safer environment for passengers and staff. Thanks to our security guards, our daily commutes are safer." Hugo Cea, Manager Director Spain at I-SEC.

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear colleague Walter List, former Group CFO. For the past 10 years, his positivity and perseverance remained unaffected despite being confronted hard with his health.

Walter has been with I-SEC headquarters since June 2011, serving the majority of the time as Group CFO and as of June 2020 as Director Corporate Projects. We got to know Walter as honest and straightforward, he was never afraid to give his opinion. He was of great support in the growth and further professionalization of I-SEC. Thanks to his professionalism and his expertise, Walter was instrumental in the development of I-SEC as where we are today.

We look back with gratitude on his great dedication and commitment to our organization.

We wish the family and loved ones strength to bear this terrible loss.

Barcelona, ​​November 8, 2022 – I-SEC has been awarded a contract by Aena for security services at El Prat Airport. The contract includes pax screening, access inspection and control, checked baggage inspection and patrols and surveillance of terminals and facilities. The contract started in November 2022.

El Prat Airport
Located in Barcelona, ​​Aeropuerto Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat is the second largest and second busiest airport in Spain and the sixth busiest in Europe. The airport is a hub for airlines 'Level' and 'Vueling', and a focus city for 'Air Europa', 'Iberia', 'EasyJet' and 'Ryanair'.

"We already have a lot of experience in aviation security in Spain, however we provide in Barcelona for the first time pax screening. It gives us the opportunity to show our knowledge and expertise. Together with the airport and other partners, we create a safe environment for passengers, visitors and staff.” Hugo Cea, Manager Director Spain at I-SEC.

Continuous improvement
As a result of this award, and in accordance with the agreement, I-SEC took over the personnel already working at the airport. Nearly 450 security guards had planned a strike before the end of this year. Before the takeover, I-SEC already reached an agreement and ended the four-year labor dispute with the previous security companies. "We are very pleased to welcome our new colleagues and we are confident that they will be a great asset to our company. We believe in working side by side with our employees to continuously improve our working environment and the services we provide.” - Hugo Cea, Managing Director Spain at I-SEC.