I-SEC was established in 2005 and specializes in providing advanced security services worldwide.

Since then, we have provided our customers with confidence and comfort. We offer best-in-class advanced security services for high-risk environments and circumstances that ask for extra attention with hospitality.

The I-SEC Group

We are your trusted partner for world-class, advanced security solutions tailored to high-risk environments and situations that demand exceptional attention and care. With us, you'll find safety all over the world.

Airport Security

We ensure the safety and security of passengers, their belongings, and everyone working or visiting the airport, making it a safe place.

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Airline Security

We secure aircraft, passengers, crew, catering, luggage, and everything that goes in and out, guaranteeing the plane's integrity for a safe flight.

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Cargo Security

We are your partner in cargo companies' practical and on-time supply chain, ensuring that your packages, objects, and goods are secure and arrive safely at their destination.

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General (High Risk) Security

We secure your high-risk sites, ensuring that only authorized personnel and materials enter while maintaining a welcoming and professional environment. We keep your site safe and secure with a smile.

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We enable safety, confidence, and a feeling of comfort. Our work is felt by millions, even if they never see us.

What we stand for

Your safety is our priority, and this is how we approach it.


Leading the security industry by setting new standards in safety practices and ensuring the smoothest security experience in the industry.


We make the world a safer place.

Strategic Ambition

To grow current positions in market segments and lead the security industry by innovation, technology and delivering customised services.

Environmental Responsibility

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the community we do business.

Our Core Values

Our core values are the essence of the company's identity. They describe what intrinsically motivates us to perform at our best.

People first

  • We create safety for everyone
  • We care about people
  • We are adaptable
  • We help each other to succeed

Enjoying our work

  • We enjoy getting things done
  • We take pride in our work
  • We go above and beyond

Achieve impact

  • We set goals beyond expectations
  • We take every action to pursue our goals
  • We keep challenging ourselves to become even better

Respect rules

  • We act dutiful
  • We respect rules & regulations
  • We work disciplined
  • We never compromise safety

Our Corporate Message

I-SEC is a people-driven company that prioritizes the well-being and empowerment of our teams and clients around the clock. We foster a culture of trust, collaboration, and unwavering commitment to security. Our adaptable and agile approach allows us to seamlessly integrate with our clients' operations, providing proactive solutions and exceeding expectations.

Trusted partner

We are agile and flexible as a dynamic international aviation, cargo, and critical infrastructure security provider. We build strong partnerships with our clients and stakeholders, fostering open communication and collaboration.

Our foundation is built on trust, allowing us to work closely with our clients and protect their reputation.


We are a best-in-class, loyal, and reliable partner, proactively solving problems discreetly and efficiently. Our decisiveness, flexibility, and speed of action, combined with reasonable costs, allow us to set and achieve goals that exceed expectations. Our adaptable approach and expert staff ensure we can effectively manage even the highest-risk environments.

Excellent Security

We offer a comprehensive range of services and products to create new and enhance existing security systems. Our dedication to continuous innovation allows us to develop cost-effective, state-of-the-art solutions that surpass client expectations. We are committed to staying one step ahead, guaranteeing your safety through professional, efficient, and effective security practices.

Meet Our Management

I-SEC's leadership team brings a wealth of experience and expertise, ensuring we remain at the forefront of the security industry. Our executives are committed to driving innovation, delivering exceptional services, and upholding the highest standards of professionalism, ensuring the safety and security of our clients' operations.

Rom Shaked

Chief Executive Officer

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Martin Fortunato

Chief Financial Officer

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Andrea Gebbeken

Chief Operating Officer

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