I-SEC in Denmark specializes in providing comprehensive aviation and port security solutions, ensuring the safety and security of the industry. Our experienced and dedicated team works tirelessly to safeguard cargo, mail, and port facilities, protecting the global industry from potential threats and risks.

Cargo Security

We are your partner in cargo companies' practical and on-time supply chain, ensuring that your packages, objects, and goods are secure and arrive safely at their destination.

Access Control

We manage facility to access through barriers, digital systems, badge issuance, and comprehensive screening procedures.

Cargo Screening

We meticulously screen air cargo for global forwarding companies and cargo centres, ensuring compliance with all relevant security regulations. In line with our customers’ needs and wishes, we offer a range of screening methods, such as X-ray, EDD (Explosive Detection Dogs), ETD (Explosive Trace Detection), and MDE (Metal Detection Equipment).

Vehicle Marshaling

We provide expert guidance to unfamiliar drivers, ensuring smooth navigation within the airport complex.

General (High Risk) Security

We secure your high-risk sites, ensuring that only authorized personnel and materials enter while maintaining a welcoming and professional environment. We keep your site safe and secure with a smile.

CCTV Surveillance and Alarm Resolution

We monitor live footage, swiftly analyze alarms, and respond on-site to security incidents.

Perimeter Guarding/Patrolling

We maintain the integrity of airport premises through vigilant patrols, upholding the highest security standards.

Security Screening

We safeguard airside and landside transitions, ensuring all passengers, employees, luggage, goods, and vehicles are meticulously screened using advanced technology and searches to verify their cleanliness.

Specialized Security Solutions for Air Cargo and Ports

We offer comprehensive security services to global companies operating in Denmark, specializing in air cargo and freight. Our high-quality services are tailored to meet the specific needs of each customer.

In ports, we provide thorough security screenings for passengers and baggage, personnel checks, vehicle inspections, and guarding services. Additionally, we offer access control, surveillance, security checks, and guarding for special shipments.

Management Team Denmark

Our management team consists of leaders who prioritise safety, high quality, and customer satisfaction. With diverse backgrounds and experience, we work together to realise our vision and drive sustainable growth. Meet the driving forces behind our success.

Bettina Herø

Country Manager

Hanne Sandholt

Security Manager

Fouad Moulid

Operations Manager Aviation

Christian Grahn

Operations Manager Port

Mads Sjödin

Quality Assurance

I-SEC Sets Sail into Nordic Waters with Port Security Contract for CMP

Copenhagen (Denmark), I-SEC announces its first contract for port security services in the Nordic Region. This summer, a team of 20 guards and 40 screeners will be responsible for the security services at Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP). This partnership marks a significant step towards enhancing maritime safety and hospitality standards in Nordic ports.

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