Ensuring Peace of Mind at Madrid-Barajas Airport's Management Center (CGA)

Spain | May 7, 2024

Madrid (Spain), I-SEC takes over responsibility for security at the Airport Management Center (CGA), situated at the heart of Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport. The CGA serves as a vital facility overseeing and coordinating all air and ground operations at Spain's largest airport, ranking among Europe's most significant aviation hubs.

Safety at the CGA is a top priority, and comprehensive measures are in place to ensure the protection of personnel, passengers, and critical assets. I-SEC provides a team of over 40 highly trained professionals, ensuring round-the-clock vigilance to monitor and manage the safety of every facet of airport operations. From air traffic management to emergency services coordination, the CGA serves as the nerve center that ensures everything runs smoothly.

Physical security at the CGA is meticulously upheld through stringent access controls and advanced surveillance systems covering every inch of the facility. Regular security drills and personnel training sessions are conducted to maintain preparedness for diverse scenarios, ranging from emergencies and cyber threats to environmental monitoring.

“Madrid-Barajas Airport is an important gateway for millions of travelers every year, and security at its CGA is critical to maintaining efficiency and peace of mind in all operations. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism of the CGA’s security team provided by I-SEC, passengers can trust that their airport experience will be safe, smooth, and seamless.” – Hugo Cea, Managing Director of I-SEC in Spain

About I-SEC

I-SEC, with headquarters in Amsterdam, specializes in providing worldwide aviation and high-risk security services worldwide. In addition to employing security assistants, I-SEC offers security technology and standardized and customized training courses for security staff and management. I-SEC employs over 6,000 people at 16 international airports in Europe and Asia.

I-SEC is a subsidiary of ICTS International N.V. (OTCQB: ICTSF). For more information, visit www.ictsintl.com / www.i-sec.com.