In Norway, we specialize in cargo security. Our experienced and dedicated employees and instructors ensure your (air) cargo shipments meet all EU, TSA, and other relevant security regulations.

Cargo Security

We are your partner in cargo companies' practical and on-time supply chain, ensuring that your packages, objects, and goods are secure and arrive safely at their destination.

Access Control

We manage facility to access through barriers, digital systems, badge issuance, and comprehensive screening procedures.

Cargo Screening

We meticulously screen air cargo for global forwarding companies and cargo centres, ensuring compliance with all relevant security regulations. In line with our customers’ needs and wishes, we offer a range of screening methods, such as X-ray, EDD (Explosive Detection Dogs), ETD (Explosive Trace Detection), and MDE (Metal Detection Equipment).

Vehicle Marshaling

We provide expert guidance to unfamiliar drivers, ensuring smooth navigation within the airport complex.

Our Partnership with Fedex

In late 2021, FedEx expanded its collaboration with I-SEC to include Norway. Following a swift setup, cargo screening operations went live in May 2022.

Air cargo screening is a critical component of FedEx’s operations. I-SEC’s Norwegian team of eight young, flexible, and motivated screeners ensures that air cargo remains secure throughout its supply chain journey.

Our Management Team

Meet our local team in Norway, who play a crucial role in overseeing day-to-day operations and effectively addressing customer-specific needs.

Barry Engels

Local Representative 

Henrik Iversen


We are looking for you, come join our team!

We are excited to announce a range of job vacancies at our company. We are looking for talented and passionate individuals to join our dynamic team. At our company we value collaboration, innovation and a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility.