Within the complex and growing area of Civil Aviation, I-SEC is the professional, leading partner in taking care of security for its customers. Customer and employee are focus in our company. We believe that security and efficiency can go hand in hand with a pleasant customer experience.

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Ambition, mission & vision
Environmental Responsibility
Core values
Corporate message

What we stand for
Our strategic ambition, mission and vision
Strategic Ambition
To develop ourselves in various new market segments as a progressive service partner in security.
We make the world safe by ensuring excellence in safety & security, for you.
To be recognized as an industry leader by our partners whilst providing innovation, technology and customized services.

Environmental responsibility

We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the community we do business.

People first

  • We create safety for everyone
  • We care about people
  • We are adaptable
  • We help each other to succeed

Enjoying our work

  • We enjoy getting things done
  • We take pride in our work
  • We go above and beyond

Achieve impact

  • We set goals beyond expectations
  • We take every action to pursue our goals
  • We keep challenging ourselves to become even better

Respect rules

  • We act dutiful
  • We respect rules & regulations
  • We work disciplined
  • We never compromise safety
Corporate message
I-SEC is a manpower company. We are a people driven company. We put people first, achieve impact, enjoy our work and respect all rules, while we secure the interests of our customers uncompromisingly around the clock.
Trusted partner
As a dynamic international aviation, cargo and critical infrastructure security provider, we are agile and adaptable. This is reflected in the open-minded cooperation that we develop by creating a close bond and partnership with all our customers and stakeholders. Everything we do is based on mutual trust; we are closely connected and contribute to our customer's reputation.
We are proud that it's in our DNA that we never compromise on security and we always stick to the contract: a deal is a deal. As a best-in-class, loyal and reliable business partner, we unburden customers proactively by solving problems invisibly on the spot. We set goals beyond expectations because of our decisiveness, flexibility, speed of action and reasonable costs. Taking an adaptable approach, our staff are authoritative on high-risk environments. We work with discipline and respect rules and regulations. With I-SEC, if you think a job needs doing, we are already working on it.
Excellent security
We believe that we can make the world safer by ensuring excellent security. We therefore offer a range of services and products that can enhance existing security systems or start from zero, and we continuously develop cost-effective security solutions designed to exceed the present and future demands of our customers. We create state-of-the-art solutions which ensure a professional, efficient and effective way of working so we can always stay one step ahead to guarantee your safety.
If you think a job needs to be done, we are already working on it