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Flights to and from certain regions or with specific carriers often demand specialized security measures beyond standard airport protocols. I-SEC has pioneered developing and managing security programs for high-risk flights for many years. Our comprehensive services mitigate potential security threats and address illegal immigration and other risks, saving airlines from costly fines and operational disruptions.

Our Strenghts

  • Years of global expertise in aviation security for passengers, airlines and cargo.
  • Local airline representatives for personalized support.
  • Streamlined security processing for enhanced passenger experience.
  • Continuous service updates to meet evolving regulations.
  • Unique passenger interviewing methods for enhanced security.
  • Advanced automated tools for efficient pre-screening and document verification.

Our Services

In full compliance with TSA, EU, and local regulations, we offer a complete range of aviation security services, including:

Reduce security interviews on US-bound flights by 85% while enhancing the passenger experience. Our BDP carefully selects passengers for interviews based on behavioral changes, deviations from environmental baselines, and randomization. This program can be implemented on all US-bound flights.

Our Handling Services include check-in, ticketing and boarding as well as other integrated services. We safeguard aircraft, control access for service providers integrated and supervisory activities. Our highly skilled team of agents ensures smooth flight operations and enjoyable travel experiences for passengers. We combine this with professional on-site management leading to cost-effective operations for the client.

We safeguard airside and landside transitions, ensuring all passengers, luggage, goods, and vehicles are meticulously screened to verify they are 'clean' using advanced technology and meticulous searches.

We meticulously inspect air cargo (packages, containers, bulk) using optimal screening methods, including X-ray, explosive trace detection, and trained detection dogs, ensuring they are 'clean'.

We secure aircraft and ground operations areas, ensuring the safety of personnel and equipment.

We control access to aircraft, preventing unauthorised entry and maintaining a secure environment.

We meticulously inspect aircraft interiors and exteriors for potential threats, ensuring the safety of passengers and crew.

We safeguard catering facilities and food supplies, preventing tampering and ensuring the quality of onboard meals.

We protect checked luggage from unauthorized access and potential security breaches.

We conduct additional screening of selected passengers and their belongings, as directed by security protocols.

Latest news

I-SEC Selected as Security Provider for US-Bound Flights at Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam (The Netherlands), Schiphol Airport has chosen I-SEC to provide security services for all flights heading to the United States. Since December 2023, a dedicated team of security personnel will conduct passenger screenings at the gate prior to boarding.

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I-SEC partners with Iberia Express to provide aviation security solutions

Madrid (Spain), Iberia Express awarded a contract to I-SEC. Since March, experienced security professionals verify passenger travel documentation on selected flights outside the EU, using best practices in document verification and rigorous risk management processes.

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Ongoing partnership with Delta Airlines

Amsterdam, I-SEC wins LOT 1 Explosive Trace Detection (ETD) from Delta Airlines at Schiphol Airport and expands the many years of partnership. From December 2022, the security guards will screen passengers at the gate before boarding.

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