Cross Segment Services

In addition to our core security services, I-SEC offers a broad range of products designed to enhance and empower our security solutions. These supplementary offerings further bolster our commitment to safety and protection.

Advisory and consulting

We offer a range of services to help to take your security to the next level:

Our experts identify and assess potential risks specific to your operations, designing effective security solutions to mitigate them.

We create customized aviation security systems that meet local needs, comply with international standards, and address all security aspects in line with your internal requirements.

We ensure your chosen security system is implemented according to time and cost limits as agreed. We furthermore provide the system's efficient and effective operation through regular surveys, audits, and improvement recommendations.


To support high-risk flight security operations I-SEC used and created a variety of devices and platforms since the 1990’s, slowly gaining first-hand experience and improving continuously. Starting with the use of handheld PDA’s, I-SEC steadily innovated and eventually introduced X-CHECK into all its high-risk flight security operations. Currently, X-CHECK is available for anyone who needs smart, fast, customer processing solutions; anywhere, everywhere.

Our Security Training Services

With over two decades of international experience in civil aviation, I-SEC specializes in safeguarding passengers and their belongings, from hand luggage to hold luggage. The I-SEC Academy in Germany was founded to address the critical need for comprehensive training in the aviation industry.

Continuous learning is critical to maintaining a compliant, qualified, high-performing security team. At I-SEC, we understand that training is more than just knowledge transfer; it's a catalyst for shaping attitudes, enhancing motivation, and fostering unwavering dedication.

As the trusted training partner for airlines, airports, and security companies worldwide, I-SEC offers comprehensive programs based on real-world expertise. Our trainers bring extensive frontline experience and deliver high-quality instruction that motivates and inspires participants.

Our 40+ modular courses cover all aspects of aviation security, including:
• Behavior Detection,
• Security Awareness,
• Hospitality,
• Checkpoint Passenger Screening,
• Customer Service,
• Baggage Screening,
• Cargo Screening,
• Crowd Observing,
• Dangerous Goods Category 12 Training (computer-based and in-class),
• Advanced Security Technology Operation (X-ray machines, document verification).

Our engaging courses combine classroom theory with hands-on exercises, simulations, role-play, situational exercises, and case studies. We utilize innovative tools and techniques to enhance learning and ensure your team is well-equipped to handle any security challenge.

As aviation security specialists, our training complies with all local and international regulations. We continuously update our courses to address new requirements and evolving threats.

Our Auditing Services

We are committed to deliver the highest-quality security services with unwavering consistency. Quality is the foundation of trust, reliability, and operational excellence. We uphold rigorous standards through a robust quality management system encompassing regular audits and a continuous improvement program.
We also extend our expertise to clients, offering comprehensive security audits to assess their systems' effectiveness, ensuring they meet current needs, address emerging threats, and maintain regulatory compliance.

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