We specialize in providing aviation security services focused on ensuring safety & security within the aviation industry. We work with the security screening of cargo, mail, and the provision of tailored training courses. Our experienced and dedicated employees and instructors contribute to protect the global aviation industry from potential threats and risks.

Cargo Security

We are your partner in cargo companies' practical and on-time supply chain, ensuring that your packages, objects, and goods are secure and arrive safely at their destination.

Access Control

We manage facility to access through barriers, digital systems, badge issuance, and comprehensive screening procedures.

Cargo Screening

We meticulously screen air cargo for global forwarding companies and cargo centres, ensuring compliance with all relevant security regulations. In line with our customers’ needs and wishes, we offer a range of screening methods, such as X-ray, EDD (Explosive Detection Dogs), ETD (Explosive Trace Detection), and MDE (Metal Detection Equipment).

Vehicle Marshaling

We provide expert guidance to unfamiliar drivers, ensuring smooth navigation within the airport complex.

Cross Segment Services

In addition to our core security services, I-SEC offers a broad range of products designed to enhance and empower our security solutions. These supplementary offerings further bolster our commitment to safety and protection.

Security Audits

I-SEC is committed to upholding rigorous standards through quality assurance programs and offering this expertise to our clients: conducting security audits to assess their systems' effectiveness, ensuring they meet current needs, address emerging threats, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Security Consulting

I-SEC is dedicated to sharing its extensive expertise with clients across all industries, offering comprehensive security consulting services. We empower clients to achieve optimal security by leveraging modern HR strategies and up-to-date knowledge of diverse regulatory landscapes.

Security Training

Investing in your staff's training ensures a compliant and qualified workforce. I-SEC's training programs go beyond knowledge transfer, actively shaping employees' roles, attitudes, and motivation.

Technology Solutions

I-SEC develops and delivers cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to address specific security challenges. Our state-of-the-art systems empower your staff to perform their duties professionally, efficiently, and effectively.

Ensuring Aviation Security for Our Customers

Security controls within aviation security are essential. We focus on ensuring the safety and security of passengers, crew, and aircraft by implementing rigorous security measures. Our services are designed to prevent the transportation of prohibited, dangerous, or hazardous materials, providing peace of mind and protection for all stakeholders.

By customizing various aviation security training programs, we equip both our staff and external course participants with the necessary knowledge to perform their duties responsibly. We offer a wide variety of training, ranging from basic courses to job-specific training and continuing education. Through comprehensive screenings, thorough inspections, and advanced training programs, we uphold the highest standards in aviation security to meet the critical needs of our customers.

Our Management Team

Our management is characterized by collaboration, equality, work-life balance, sustainability, innovation, transparency, and strong employee engagement.

Malgo Przybyla

Country Manager

Andreas Anker

HR Manager

Emma Blomberg

Operations Manager

Dilmi Loku-Pattiyage

Finance Business Partner

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