I-SEC develops and offers technology tailored to specific security issues

I-SEC supplies state-of-the-art technological solutions which ensure that your staff can perform on a professional, efficient and effective manner.

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Airport Suite

I-SEC Airport Suite
Operational management tools for airport security

The I-SEC Airport suite consists of four key applications. Each application can be used standalone; however when used together they complement one another and create a comprehensive and unique system. Covering each step of the security operation, the I-SEC airport suite tools allows you to plan and manage your workforce and from there allows you to continue to gather passport and boarding pass information from passengers and run PNR processing.

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The I-Check eco-system takes digital aviation security to a new level

To support the high risk flight security operation I-SEC has used and created a variety of devices and platforms since the 1990's, slowly gaining first hand experience and improving continuously. Starting with the use of handheld PDA’s, I-SEC innovated over the next decade and introduced the I-box to all its high risk flight security operations. The I-box featured full page passport scanners and intelligent software developed by I-SEC.

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New Advanced Passenger Screening
takes PNR processing to the next level

I-SEC has more than 25 years of international experience in the high risk flight security sector. As a pioneer in this sector, I-SEC is now one of the world leaders in high risk flight passenger security. Starting from 1992, I-SEC began to process PNR data based on various preset criteria to be able to streamline the flow of passengers for the high risk flight security check.

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Mobile manpower management tool
to bridge the gap between HR and the operation

After providing security manpower services for more than a decade at international airports we decided to create a tool that solves the biggest challenges that any large manpower company will encounter in day to day work. We found and bridged the gap between HR and operations and while doing that we realized that the right information at the right time could just save the day. First created for our own use and then extensively tested and re-tuned in our operations, SARA is now the spider in the center of the web of all our manpower management.

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Realtime Operational Management
Adaptive live multi-location resource planning

Where roster planning stops, I-SEC's operational planning application, ROM, begins. It transforms rigid and difficult day to day planning into flexible and structured planning. Through utilization of the OPS system, we can create a roster a week, a month or even a year in advance, which ideally should be as accurate as possible. However, in a turbulent environment like an airport, the daily dispatch effciency of your workforce is paramount to your operation.and intelligent software developed by I-SEC.

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