Extraordinary measures

Flights to and from numerous regions, or by certain carriers, require special security measures beyond those provided by airports.

As a result, you need an experienced security expert familiar with this field and capable of identifying and dealing with potential threats. I-SEC has been developing security programs and handling high-risk flights for over 3 decades.

Security Pioneers

We pioneered the development of passenger profiling concepts starting from late 80’s until the present day. Over the years, we have upgraded and adapted them to meet changing regulatory requirements and security threats. We are also experts at passport and visa verification, both manually and with the use of our advanced automated systems like I-BOX™ and Doc-CHECK™.

Unique Knowledge

Our highly qualified security agents are graduated in hospitality services and are capable of eliciting relevant information from the customer, without giving them the notion that they are partaking in a security interview. Our professionals spot physiological and gestural anomalies and are qualified to detect and deter irregularities in travel documentation. This specialized service prevents not only potential security threats, but also illegal immigration and other risks. It also saves airlines costly fines and inconvenience.

Let's sum it up:

  • High level personnel through recruitment of security-minded workforce
  • Skilled agents trained in unique passenger interviewing methods
  • Full compliance with national and international regulations
  • Passenger privacy and confidentiality maintained at all times
  • Streamlined security processing and enhanced passenger service
  • Automated tools for passenger pre-screening and travel document verification