Securing and enhancing supply chain management

Monetary losses from theft, accompanied by sneaking and replacing goods by criminal and terrorist groups, makes the cargo a highly vulnerable sector. Therefore, narrowing our focus on the debilitated area’s whilst addressing and enhancing the weak links is pivotal.

Ongoing training and testing one’s presumed knowledge is a solid practice

Stricter security regulations mean that air cargo must remain secured throughout its supply chain route.

In addition, everyone with access to air cargo must be authorized and trained to deal with it. I-SEC is an industry leader when it comes to developing cargo security concepts. We have expert knowledge of cargo security operations, including screening as well as more than 20 years experience providing cargo and other security training programs in Europe and beyond.

One-Stop Shop For Cargo Security

I-SEC offers a comprehensive range of services to ensure that your air cargo shipments comply with EU, TSA and other relevant security regulations. We can analyze your current security measures, identify any gaps, recommend improvements and help you plan and implement a tailor made security program on par with your expectations.

Cargo Security Services

We provide supply highly skilled personnel including screeners to operate specialized X-ray machines and security agents to guard cargo and warehouse facilities. All air freight must originate from an accredited individual or company, we can advise you on “Known Shipper / Consignor” status. In addition we can train your management and employees to comply with relevant security requirements.

Let's sum it up:

  • Global experience in aviation security for passengers and cargo
  • Specialist X-ray operators
  • Various cargo security training programs
  • Cargo operations security audits and implementation
  • Known Shipper / Consignor security awareness training programs
  • Services constantly updated to meet regulations
  • Explosives Detection Dogs: we provide trained sensitive dogs to detect explosives to take away danger.