Madrid, Spain - 29 January 24, 2024 - Renfe, the largest train operator in Spain, has recently granted I-SEC three out of the ten lots tendered for private security services. These contracts, spanning the next three years, mark a significant step in providing safety measures within the railway domain.

 Starting this January, approximately 700 highly trained security guards will be entrusted with a range of responsibilities, including surveillance of stations and workshops, custody of trains as well as accompaniment and other surveillance services. The services will be deployed at stations in Madrid, Barcelona, Central Catalonia, The Basque Country, Cantabria, Asturias and Galicia.

Trusted partner
I-SEC, already recognized as a trusted security partner in airport and metro security, has now extended its reach to the railway sector. This move aligns with I-SEC's commitment to further increase its footprint in Spain, ensuring the highest standards of safety and security across various modes of transportation.

"With these contracts comes the opportunity to consolidate I-SEC as a safety leader in the different modes of transport such as airport, port, and now railway, complementing our work in Metro Madrid. We are proud to play a crucial role in securing our nation's vital transportation networks." - Hugo Cea, Manager Director Spain at I-SEC.


About I-SEC
The I-SEC specializes in providing aviation and high risk security services worldwide and is headquartered in Amsterdam. In addition to employing security assistants, I-SEC offers security technology as well as standardized and customized training courses for security staff and management. I-SEC currently employs over 6,000 people providing security services for airports, airlines, cargo and general high-risk environments in Europe and Asia.

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