Madrid (Spain), November 30, 2023 - Aena, the world's number one airport operator by passenger volume, awarded the security services for its 46 airports and 2 heliports in Spain. For the next four years, I-SEC will be the second biggest security provider, securing 30% of the total airports within the Spanish network, with a notable turnover exceeding 268 million euros.

With a lasting partnership as one of the preferred security partners of Aena, I-SEC is set to continue its ongoing presence at Adolfo Suárez Madrid-Barajas Airport and Josep Tarradellas Barcelona-El Prat Airport. The new contracts, of in total 14 airports, encompass a range of services, including airport management center, passenger and hold baggage screening at the airports of Girona, Reus, Zaragoza, Sabadell, Huesca, Bilbao, Vitoria, San Sebastián, Logroño, Pamplona, Santander and Burgos.

"We are proud to maintain a longstanding partnership with Aena, showcasing our extensive experience in aviation security across Spain. Grateful for the opportunity to demonstrate our knowledge and expertise once again. These contracts mark the beginning of an exciting chapter where we are committed to collaboratively creating a secure environment for passengers, visitors, and staff.” Hugo Cea, Manager Director Spain at I-SEC.

About I-SEC
The I-SEC specializes in providing aviation and high risk security services worldwide and is headquartered in Amsterdam. In addition to employing security assistants, I-SEC offers security technology as well as standardized and customized training courses for security staff and management. I-SEC currently employs over 6,000 people at 16 international airports in Europe and Asia.
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