Our operations in Finland commenced in 2021 with a primary focus on cargo screening and consulting services.

Cargo Screening Services

Comprehensive screening of air cargo for global forwarding companies and cargo centres, ensuring compliance with all relevant security regulations and the highest standards of safety.

Cargo Screening

We meticulously screen air cargo for global forwarding companies and cargo centres, ensuring compliance with all relevant security regulations. In line with our customers’ needs and wishes, we offer a range of screening methods, such as X-ray, EDD (Explosive Detection Dogs), ETD (Explosive Trace Detection), and MDE (Metal Detection Equipment).

Access Control

We manage access to cargo areas through guard duties and airside gate checks, ensuring that only authorized personnel and vehicles enter restricted zones.

Security Screening

We safeguard airside and landside transitions, ensuring all passengers, luggage, goods, and vehicles are meticulously screened to verify they are ‘clean’ using advanced technology and meticulous searches.

Cross Segment Services

In addition to our core security services, I-SEC offers a broad range of products designed to enhance and empower our security solutions. These supplementary offerings further bolster our commitment to safety and protection.

Security Audits

I-SEC is committed to upholding rigorous standards through quality assurance programs and offering this expertise to our clients: conducting security audits to assess their systems' effectiveness, ensuring they meet current needs, address emerging threats, and maintain regulatory compliance.

Security Consulting

I-SEC is dedicated to sharing its extensive expertise with clients across all industries, offering comprehensive security consulting services. We empower clients to achieve optimal security by leveraging modern HR strategies and up-to-date knowledge of diverse regulatory landscapes.

Security Training

Investing in your staff's training ensures a compliant and qualified workforce. I-SEC's training programs go beyond knowledge transfer, actively shaping employees' roles, attitudes, and motivation.

Technology Solutions

I-SEC develops and delivers cutting-edge technology solutions tailored to address specific security challenges. Our state-of-the-art systems empower your staff to perform their duties professionally, efficiently, and effectively.

"We provide our customers with the highest quality and utmost flexibility in aviation security solutions. Whether it's comprehensive cargo screening, advanced consulting services, or tailored security training, we ensure excellence in every aspect of aviation security management."

Management Team Finland

Our operations in Finland are led by Country Manager Pekka Hirvonen.

Pekka Hirvonen

Country Manager