I-SEC International Security B.V. was established in 2005 and specializes in the provision of advanced aviation security services worldwide.

These include security consulting and security handling: security profiling, checkpoint screening, HBS screening, cargo security, and other services. In addition, the company provides standard as well as tailor-made training courses for security staff and management.

I-SEC Group
At I-SEC we offer you best-in-class international advanced security services for environments and circumstances that ask for extra attention and hospitality.
Airport Security
We are your security partner when it comes to screening passengers and their baggage, security interviewing and accompanying selectees, and access control and perimeter surveillance at your airport.
We secure your airport security and safety in all its aspects
High-Risk Flights
We are your security agent for identifying and dealing with potential threats on flights that need extra vigilance due to regulations or circumstances.
We provide extra vigilance and checks for your high-risk flight(s).
Airport Handling Services
We keep your airport flight operations running smoothly, integrating services to ensure a satisfying travel experience for passengers and VIPs.
We integrate services to streamline your airport flight operations.
Cargo Security
We provide checkpoints in your supply chain, deploying specifically trained security agents and specialized X-ray systems to guard and inspect cargo and warehouse facilities.
We maintain security checkpoints in your supply chain.
General Security
We ensure that your valuable and critical environments and infrastructures are safe and secure, including CCTV surveillance and integrated receptionist and hospitality services.
We keep your critical environments and infrastructures safe and secure.
Anti-Drone Protection
We detect and suppress unauthorized drone movements in your environment.
We detect unauthorized drones and if necessary force them to land.
Software Solutions
We offer state-of-the-art technological solutions, which ensure that your workforce and our security staff can perform their duties professionally, efficiently and effectively with full monitoring functionality.
We create software solutions that help optimize (manpower) security operations.
Security Training Services
We provide a wide range of training courses covering all aspects of aviation security, enhancing your security operations.
We update and upskill your employees with specialized security training.
Advisory Services
We offer custom-made security consultancy services for airports, airlines, governmental organizations and private enterprises, either to improve your current security systems or to build a new system from scratch.
We provide custom-made security consultancy services for new and existing security activities.

At I-SEC you will experience best-in-class security services provided by a dynamic international company. We put people first, set goals beyond expectations and take pride in our work. We never compromise on security and safety.

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